The better you drive, the less you pay!
Save up to 30% * on your car insurance!

GoodDrive; what is it?

As the name suggests, GoodDrive is for all young drivers who drive well.

Are you tired of paying for a car insurance which is too expensive? Be clever and reward yourself for your reasonable driving style! Stop paying for all the bad drivers out there!

GoodDrive, how does it work?


Easy: I install the Game of Roads application and use it while driving as good as I can for 15 days and 500 km.


Do I drive well? Bâloise sends me a GoodDrive discount code of 10%, 20% or 30% *!



I accept the contract and save up to 30% * on the normal price for a young driver!

Are you ready? Click here to install the app!

GoodDrive; why is it for me?

In general, young drivers are the ones who pay the most for their car insurance...

But thanks to the latest mobile technologies, you can now improve your driving skills AND have fun by simply installing an application.

And above all, you can save up to € 500 * on your car insurance.

All in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in Luxembourg.

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