ABS ? ESP ? What does it mean ?

ABS, ESP … What in the world can these acronyms mean???

You’ve probably often been confronted to these 3-letters acronyms, and might have wondered what they stand for. And one must conceed that they can sound cryptic at first. In this article, you will find out what’s hidden behind these mysterious codes, understand the differences between the two and discover that they have nothing to do with secret government agencies.

Lesson #1 : ABS

ABS comes from the German word (Antiblockiersystem). “Ach so”, I thought it was derived from the English Anti-Blocking System. Well it works both way, so maybe you’re right. Anyway, ABS, in a nutshell, is a breaking assistant system that can be found on most of the modern cars, motorbikes, planes… and which prevents the wheels from getting simply blocked in case of a sudden breaking. Because blocked wheels are a major reason for skidding cars, this systems will keep the tyre adherence to the road and thus offer a certain level of control to the driver, like avoiding an obstacle whilst breaking hard. Clever, isn’t it?

Lesson #2 : ESP

ESP stands for Electronic Stability Program ; in short, this is an electronic safety feature which enables a differentiation between how your wheels brake instead of sending an homogeneous braking instruction to the four. Your know that your car has many sensors ; well, some are located at the wheel level, and in case your ESP system detects that the car is sliding towards a weird direction after a sudden braking, it will try to compensate by braking more or less on one of the 4 wheels in order to bring your car back to its original course.

Final lesson : the best driving safety system is still the driver himself

As we have tried to explain in the lines above, electronic and digital technologies have immensely improved car safety levels during the last decades, a fact which everyone can thank the automotive industry for. That being said, one should not bet his life on technology, and drivers must always keep in mind that human beings are the best of all safety systems in the world, if they decide to adopt a responsible driving attitude and do not have to live test electronic emergency systems, however reliable these can be.

Message understood 🙂 ?