Behind the wheel, every drug is detectable…

We often talk about the dangers of alcohol, but drugs in general are becoming a recurring theme on our roads.  What are the dangers and penalties in place?

As with alcohol, drugs significantly alter the behaviour and reactions of a driver. Slower reflexes, fatigue, reduced concentration, loss of the notion of speed and reduced ability to judge distances… the list is long.

With the highway code becoming more stringent from 1 June 2015, notably penalising drug use at the wheel with 6 points, it’s clear that drugs tests will also see an increase (urine test, saliva test).

I’d like to take this chance to present an online campaign from Quebec from 2014, which claims that all drugs can be detected when you drive.
The campaign deals with this subject in a very humorous manner.

Judge for yourself with one of their videos 🙂

Just as with alcohol, which can also be considered a drug, drugs can affect your perception when driving.
The danger is real.

Let’s end with a little more humour and this must-see video:
The 10 drugs not to take when driving.

I hope I’ve convinced you and happy driving.

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