But what exactly is a green card?

Green cards aren’t the most interesting of subjects, I agree, but important enough to deserve some attention!

Let’s look at a definition:

“The green card is the vehicle insurance certificate which should be held by all land-based motor vehicles”

What are the geographical limitations of the green card system?

The green card system is primarily European. It therefore currently covers the majority of European countries, aside from those located to the west of the Ural Mountains and Caspian Sea as well as those countries around the southern Mediterranean.


What’s the purpose of the green card system?

The green card system has a dual objective, namely:

  • o make sure that road traffic accident victims do not suffer material or personal injury due to a vehicle registered abroad à ce que les rather than a vehicle which usually resides in the same country of residence as the victim. The purpose can be better understood using a concrete example:

“A vehicle registered in Greece causes an accident in Luxembourg. The victim, a resident of Luxembourg, doesn’t need to contact the Greek insurance company and undertake the necessary formalities (which are costly and lengthy) in Greece. The victim will be compensated by the Luxembourg Green Card Bureau which, in turn, will be compensated by the Greek insurance company or, failing this, by the Greek Green Card Bureau.”


  • To avoid drivers having to take out insurance cover for each country visited.


Now that you’re better informed, check to make sure you have your insurance green card. 😉


Happy driving and stay safe!

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