Too fast, end fast

Last week, the Luxembourg Agency for Prevention of Road Accidents unveiled its last public campaign. You ‘ve probably noticed it already on the Grand Duchy roadsides. If not, you need to realize that the days when road security campaigns would rime with boring ads are definitely gone.

This time indeed, the Agency for Prevention of Road Accident wanted to hit hard, and entrusted the communication agency Mikado to do so. The least we can say is that Mikado has, as always, managed to create a concept that makes everyone react. And indeed, the lady sitting at the driving seat in her fancy cabriolet does not seem to be in the best of moods. The accompanying motto “Trop Vite, Trop Mort” which literally translates into “Too Fast, too dead” makes the whole picture even more disturbing.

Campagne Sécurité Routière juin 2016

Needless to say, this campaign has created lots of reactions on the web and over social networks.

Some people grabbed the opportunity to comment on other hot topics linked to driving in Luxembourg. Take the speed radars: “I’m fed up with this whole road policy in Lux : shocking useless prevention campaigns, mercenaries speed radars, works everywhere and of course never ending traffic jams.”

Others preferred to see the humorous side of things and took the campaign in a lighter mode: “girl driving, new lifting?”

Now, we would like to hear your opinion about all this. Tell us: what do you think about this campaign?