Drink or drive, do you really need to choose?

A few months ago, an advertising campaign raised a few eyebrows in Luxembourg.  You may remember this campaign which boasted the merits of a drive-in where you could buy all sorts of alcohol… Mojitos, Champagne, anything you wanted!

Mikado, the agency responsible for this campaign, scored a create success by creating a real buzz which was even covered by the local press! Deliberately provocative in its tone and messages, between fiction and reality, it led to many reactions on Facebook and beyond.

LuxDrink Drive-fb

For several weeks, there was an air of doubt and people were asking “would Luxembourg really allow this to happen?”

Dont' Drink and Drive

The answer was of course NO and just as well!

Where the concept is interesting is in the entire construction of the campaign.  I believe that the way of capturing the attention of drivers with a subject such as the opening of a drive-in selling alcohol was quite simply wonderful!

The second part, with messages combining “humour” and “cynicism”, was all the more brilliant due to the timing of the campaign which was disclosed and which couldn’t have been better since the New Year celebrations were about to start.

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In conclusion, what I took away from this is that even if the message is already clear, it’s still possible to communicate on the subject “Drink or drive, you need to choose” in a new and interesting way.  What’s even more interesting are the reactions this created between “surprise”, “stupor” and “revolt”!


This clearly shows that awareness has been truly raised even if there are still some people who need to be convinced that drink driving is a real danger, for oneself and others.

Matthieu Dusart, Creative Director at Mikado, spoke to us about it:

“By announcing the forthcoming opening of this unlikely drive-in, the purpose of the campaign was to create a controversy about drink driving.  The many reactions on social networks, in the press, on the radio and even in parliament have shown that the impact was significant and awareness was clearly raised”.

And what did you think?

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