Drive at night without (more) problems

Last week, we saw how to drive with the sun, which is far from easy (at least, not as easy as we think).  Let’s now look at a different situation, driving at night, which is often an additional source of stress.
It happens to us all, coming home from a night out, heading off on holiday to avoid the traffic, and often it’s a trial to overcome.

It’s as plain as day: our vision is clearly reduced at night, and this will have an effect on our driving.

Quite simply, initially, driving in the dark increases the emotions of a driver, especially on poorly-lit country roads mixed with drizzle. Emotions will affect our behaviour and lead us to make driving errors.

When driving, a lot of parameters change such as:

  • vision is reduced as far as your headlights,
  • sensation of speed increases,
  • animals which roam at night,
  • reflections on the windscreen when you pass another vehicle,
  • Blinded by the light…

All of this should encourage us to adapt our speed, because reduced vision goes hand-in-hand with shorter emergency stopping distances and you’ll have much less time to react in the event of any unforeseen incident.

The situation which personally affects me the most is the unpleasant sensation I feel when I see the headlights of other cars (especially at full beam). Our eyes are attracted towards the light, which is dangerous as this blinds us and can lead us directly towards them.


Tips from our driving expert, Pierre-Yves Rosoux:

A little tip in this situation, just before passing a car with its headlights on, is to look towards the side of the road and the ground in front of you, stare at the verge or the white line and try to follow this as close as possible whilst reducing your speed.

So, just like me, are you anxious about driving at night?

All you need to do is follow this advice and start Game of Roads to be able to unlock a special badge for night driving.

Happy driving everyone

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