Top 5 distractions when driving

Who can claim to be fully focused all of the time when driving?

Each day it’s plain to see, whether in traffic jams or just simply when driving, people in cars alongside us who are distracted (in one way or another).  Unfortunately, a driver who isn’t fully focused on the road is extremely dangerous since more likely to be involved in a serious accident.  But what are these distractions?
Here’s a list of the top 5 distractions when driving we’ve identified:

  • Make-up or other vanity items: Even if you’re going to a very important meeting, don’t make yourself look pretty in the car, do it at home.  This goes for men as well as women ! 🙂
  • Food and drink: As far as possible, avoid eating and drinking when you drive, as it’s more difficult to react with a sandwich in one hand and a coke can in the other. 😉
  • Mobile phones and other devices: Mobile phones and other such devices should be kept out of reach! A quick reminder about Game of Roads: activate the app before beginning your trip and turn it off when you arrive.  The app isn’t meant to be “handled” during a trip as, firstly, this would be irresponsible, and secondly, you’ll get fewer points.
  • Music/Radio: Even if you love it, with music or the radio on in the background, you risk, for example, not being able to hear a siren or the screeching of brakes of another vehicle.
  • Loud talking: Try to avoid complex or heated discussions when driving.  You’ll certainly be less focused and the risk of an accident will increase.On this subject, I’d like to present a video by US insurance company Allstate Insurance, which, with its “Careful Driving” campaign in Canada, tries to raise driver awareness and inform them about the dangers of being distracted.

Surprise and laughter guaranteed.  😉

And how about you? What distractions do you notice everyday? What are your reactions? And what can be done to raise driver awareness?

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